Just a Coffee Loving Family

First and foremost, We seek to honor Christ in everything we do. We believe in the slogan "All of Christ for all of life" as Doug Wilson likes to say. We believe that Christians should be doing business primarily with other Christians because of how the world views us. The parallel economy is a real thing and will only continue to grow. We are unapologetically Reformed and will not bow to the culture or go against what Scripture plainly tells us.

We're the Morris Family and we love coffee! We live in a small town in Southern Illinois with no access to fresh roasted quality coffee. Our journey with fresh roasted coffee started back in 2012 when we lived in Washington D.C. We were dedicated Folgers drinkers and thought that was good coffee because we paid a bit more for the "Black Silk". One day while in Whole Foods we decided to buy some fresh roasted beans. WOW! The difference between that and what we had been drinking was night and day! We never went back to a "tub" of coffee ever again.

Our journey to roasting came right at the outset of the Covid-19 Pandemic. We saw the craziness of the toilet paper shortage and my wife (Rachel), only part jokingly said, "What if there's a coffee shortage?" So our friends said, "You guys should start your own coffee roasting business!" Well... That's exactly what we did! Within a week we bought a roaster and started roasting! It's been a great ride ever since! Our main goal is to bring a great cup of coffee to the average person. Most people don't even realize that the store-bought coffee they drink every day is already stale by the time it hits the shelf. We guarantee our coffee is fresh roasted every time!

We get asked all the time where our logo came from. Well, it was all Rachel's idea (I have to make sure she gets credit for it). The town we live in is Olney, Illinois which is the "Home of the White Squirrel's". We wanted to incorporate the white squirrel into our business and then his name is Joe because my name is Joe (Rachel would argue it's not but you don't need to ask her about that). We're glad you found us and we hope you give our delicious coffee a try.